Monday, March 28, 2011

"Invisible Potion"

Ok, so I haven't blogged in forever, but I had to write this down somewhere so I don't forget! Today after school Gabe sat quietly at the table creating something as I did the dishes. Next thing I know he's got the hand soap and he's mixing it into a bowl. Then I hear him say to Haleigh, "It take 10 seconds." So, he put the timer on and stuck his finger in to test it. He was so excited that I almost cried when I saw his disappointed face, all because his finger came out NOT as invisible as he had hoped it would. He is such a cute kid and so creative. I love his imagination and his innocence! Tyler came over and tried to encourage him by telling him maybe he just "needs to believe." I love kids! So, he decided to try putting more soap into the mixture and counted to 10 once again. They were so excited to realize that when they put their finger in the mixture this time it would "disappear?!" **But, it was because the water was so murky from the soap and glue and they could no longer see through the water clearly and their finger wasn't visible as a result!** I tried so hard not to laugh when Gabe exclaimed, "It works! My invention works." I just smiled and gave him the thumbs up. I hope he never grows out of this innocent stage, but I know the day will come and I will still look back on these memories and smile. :) I included a scan of the potion paper he wrote because it was too cute for words.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

DisneyLand 1st and 2nd Days - Take 2

YEE HAW! We love Toy Story and Max was especially excited, can you tell?
Princess Haleigh and Gabe on the Merry Go Round in Cali Adventure

Daddy and Max waiting in line for Bug's life train.

For Some reason Max kept showing his belly to all the characters we took picures with. Mickey thought it was funny. For some reasonTy still wouldn't get a picture with any of the characters???

Just hanging out having a good time!
Haleigh with Donald in California

This is one of my favorite picutres because it is so Roger. I basically forced him to get a wheel chair the second day so he could give his foot a "break." (I'm so punny)

Tyler and my brother Uncle Spencer

The Merry-Go-Round in DisneyLand at night is always a good idea. ;) The lights are awesome!

Haleigh and Mommy on the fake dumbo ride

My Dad taking his turn in the wheelchair with Max

Roger and the boys getting ready to go on Peter Pan's Flight. So typical of him to have his eyes closed in a picture.

The rest of us squished on a boat for the Peter Pan ride
Minnie Mouse is always fun to get a picture with!
Family Photo by the Mickey Flowers - it's tradition!
Tyler's favorite ride in Cali Adventure was Grizzly Rapids.

Haleigh wearing Tyler's Mickey gloves

Gabe and Chris on the Toy Story Mania Ride

Photo opp in Bug's Land

Heimlich's train ride - mostly for Max. ;)

This one was crazier than the tea cups. Our kids were flying EVERYWHERE. Not sure if they had fun or not?! It's a memory though.

Max on Flick's ride. He liked it.
Nice Roger, really nice! Haleigh LOVED this ride too!
Tyler posing by the big sun in Cali

Miss Haleigh all dressed for her lunch date with Mommy and Grandma to Ariel's Grotto. I will be posting that next time since it is only about Haleigh. :) (She needed her very own posting)

Peace out!

Max was asleep for this first time on Buzz

Here are pictures that my dad took of the first and second days at DisneyLand. So, for your enjoyment I won't say anything else. ;) Just sit back and enjoy the pictures with commentary.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

DisneyLand - Day 1

Starting out at the castle. Max was just happy we actually let him out of the stroller!
This is Haleigh, pre-Snow White ride. (she was horrified by it)

Haleigh standing in line for Snow White. We forced her to ride and I wish we hadn't!

Max and Haleigh and Tyler (And some guy in a blue shirt) on the carousel. (One of the favorite rides)

-Tea Cups-
Haleigh wouldn't ride anything for a long time after Snow White and Pinnochio, so we posed on the fake tea cup!

Roger and I on the
poseable tea cup.

Boys on the actual ride!

Gabe had the most fun! ;)

My Dad (grandpa Martell) and Max on the tea cups. Notice the expression is the same!

Max is having a good time, even if sister isn't!

Waiting in line for the "Nemo" ride.

Haleigh was happy to try this one out, especially since grandma and grandpa Martell were there to keep her safe!

Inside the Nemo submarine. Everyone LOVED this ride!

Posing with Pooh! (had to say it that way, haha)

Max and Haleigh loved the characters! Tigger is always a favorite!

Haleigh with her new Minnie Mouse ears. They lasted a whole hour before she took them off and lost them. Lucky for her Mom is a softy and bought a second pair for her.

She is just too cute not to add all these pictures!

What a poser! (But still, oh so cute!)

Didn't even tell her to do this one, she posed all on her own.

Haleigh and Me at Sleeping Beauty's castle. So much FUN!

Waiting to enter the park

I think I'm excited for this? (He did have a great time and was very brave on all the rides.)

Tyler was excited!!! He loves life.

Honestly folks, I have WAY TOO MANY pictures to do our DisneyLand trip in one posting. We did a 3 day hopper, so I have like 300 (or many more) pictures to choose from! This doesn't even count my dad's that I am including some of in the next posting! My parents (grandma and grandpa Martell) and brother Spencer joined us on our vacation which was fun and helpful too! So, our first day was spent all at DisneyLand and we didn't do California Adventure until day 2. Here is our kids (mostly Haleigh) enjoying themselves at this most wonderful place in the WORLD. ;) Again, I will let the pictures do the talking since they will take up all of my time loading instead of being able to write about it. HOWEVER, I will say as hectic as it got at times, DisneyLand is just... MAGICAL!!!